We specialize in:

- CNC Machining
- CNC Milling & Turning
- CNC Turning with Live Tooling
- Grinding (Surface, OD, ID & Jig)


Some of the services we offer:

- Heat Treat
- Anodizing
- Black Oxide
- Plating
- Welding
- 3D CAD Design


Contact us for:

- CNC Machining
- Precision Machining
- Low Volume Niche Machining


Manufacturing Quality One Shaving At A Time


Merit Tool produces custom tooling and parts for a wide variety of industries. Emphasis is placed on precision machining of critical components for Customer applications and equipment. Each of Merit Tool’s Customers has specific needs.

Merit Tool uses all means available to adapt its resources to meet its Customers’ needs. As a classic job shop, Merit Tool typically utilizes a manufacturing process structure where small batches of a variety of custom products can be efficiently made. Most of the products produced require a unique set-up and sequencing of processing steps.

Merit Tool is a machine shop serving Muncie and all of East Central Indiana and beyond.

  • Precision Parts

    Merit excels at low volume precision part production, utilizing CNC milling and turning equipment, and precision grinding. Typical parts include precision spindles and shafts, bearing housings, drive flanges and drive adaptors, nozzles, pulleys, pump details, seal holders, pistons, mounting plates, bushings, locators, feed tubes, gripper jaws/pads, and many more types of parts.

  • Specialized Tooling

    Specialized tooling examples include; tool holders, collets, special hand tools, rest pins, locator blocks, die tooling (including punch & die sets, punch holders, stripper plates, etc.), die cast tooling (including sprues, spreaders, guide posts, etc.), and a multitude of various other tooling.

  • Gauging

    Merit Tool also produces a wide range of gauging, from simple go-no go, true position, and location gages, as well as more complex gauging systems that include electronic measurement.

Please contact us to request a quote or to get more information about what Merit Tool can do for you.

Our Quality Policy

Customers . . .
Merit Tool is a technology based company dedicated to exceeding the goals and expectations of its Customers. Merit achieves this through the direction of company leadership and involvement of ALL its employees, with a quality focused approach. Merit Tool actively solicits feedback from its Customers to improve the service and products it supplies.

Improvement . . .
Merit Tool continually searches for ideas, methods, and advanced tooling to better serve its Customers. Merit maintains a qualified supplier base to provide the materials, tools, and support needed to complete projects that meet the specifications of design and manufacture required by the company’s Customers. Merit Tool maintains a shop floor management system that enables it to plan and meet Customer delivery requirements.

Quality System . . .
Merit Tool first achieved ISO9002:1994 registration and compliance in 1999. The company has maintained and built upon its ISO registration through continuing effort, involvement, and development of its staff. Merit Tool improved its registration to be ISO9001:2008 Standard Compliant. In 2012, the company discontinued its ISO registration to better focus its resources on maintaining key elements of its Quality System.

Merit Tool maintains a Quality System based on its previous ISO system which includes procedures for management oversight, document control, work instructions, in-process & final audit inspection, quality complaint documentation/resolution, customer feedback, supplier evaluation/control, scheduled maintenance, and much more.

Our Company Focus

Merit Tool & Mfg, Inc. is a technology focused company whose core manufacturing operations center around its CNC Machining capabilities. This technology driven philosophy applies to all product and service areas when possible. We believe we can produce a part using computer technology more accurately and efficiently.

What others say about us


You guys have been great! Thanks for all your help and for being so prompt every time we are in a jam.

MarkPlastics Industry

Merit Tool has proven themselves to be an excellent shop, time & time again. They are always reliable, have tremendous capabilities and are of high moral character. They always maintain integrity in all aspects of our business relationship.

Chuck Food Processing Equipment Parts, Service, and Machinery

We have always regarded Merit Tool as one of our Top vendors, in quality and delivery.

ScottIndustrial Assembly Equipment & Fixturing

Quality and attention to detail is great. Willingness to work with us is appreciated.

DavePrototype Machining